Capitol Hill Urban CoHousing

CHUC kidsWe are an inter-generational urban community committed to sustainable living on Seattle’s Capitol Hill. You can read about some of our participating households in our community ranging in age from infant to mid-60s, families, singles and couples. All people and families are welcomed. We are currently under construction and all units are spoken for at this time.

Some of the details

  • Our property is located at 1720 12th Avenue between Howell & Olive on the east side of the street. We will be removing the exisiting building.
  • Located one block east of Cal Anderson Park, a five minute walk from the future light rail station.
  • We will be targeting high Built-Green or LEED guidelines for achieving as many high-performance sustainability metrics for energy and water usage as is financially feasible both now and planning for future upgrades.
  • Construction began November 13, 2014. Move-in is anticipated before the end of 2015.
  • We are excited to be working with Maria Barrientos' firm, known for unique urban development focused on making places, not just building buildings, many of them on Capitol Hill.
  • There will be a working, year-round Urban Farm out-sourced to Seattle Urban Farm Company & interns from Community Colleges.
  • There will be no onsite automobile parking.
  • A few key decisions have already been made: we are a non-smoking and gun free community, allow pets, plan to have inclusive shared meals a few times a week and we will be child-friendly, providing childcare for workshops, etc.
  • Lot size: 4500 sf
  • Number of homes: 9 (one still available)
  • Home sizes: 850-1,400 sf (2-3 BR)
  • We are planning for a long-term rental model starting at market rates and locking into rent control within a few years.
  • Rents: will be market rate for new construction on Capitol Hill roughly $2500-$3100 to begin.
  • Membership: $30,000 Membership in LLC and $400 annual dues (or $40/month).

If you're new to CoHousing be sure to visit our resource page. To learn more about our community, please browse our site and meet some of our community members, read our vision and values, our plans and about our Capitol Hill neighborhood.

If you are interested in more information about how to get involved please email Please sign up on our mailing list to get updates on construction and any new developments.

You may download a printable PDF
of our informational brochure to share.